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Matt Garrett Products is a new website coming soon all about - Matt Garrett Products.

As you can see, this website is just getting going, so in the meantime here is a list of Matt Garrett products you may like to look at. Check out this growing collection of products by Matt Garrett (many originally marketed in partnership with Gary Prendergast under the Profit Marketer banner or Chris Hitman under SEO UK):

(Please note: from time to time links do not work. Sometimes when we discover this, we will temporarily link to another Matt Garrett product until we can get a valid replacement.)

Cloud Defender 2.0 Developer Edition (New - just launched! Website server security tool and training - easily secure your site in the cloud plus additional free tools. Takes the hassle out of setting up security on the most widely used free service worldwide and gives you additional tools for added peace of mind. Low launch price!)

Affiliate Rex V2 (New! With Tony Marriott. Cloud-based software, a fully automated affiliate marketing system.)

Backlink Rhino (New! SaaS that finds expired domains linked to by Wikipedia that you can pick up and profit from.)

Vid Reaper Pro Lifetime (Find the top ranking videos in your niche and what you need to outrank them

WP Graphics Toolkit (A massive collection of all the different types of graphics every website owner needs)

Rank Hijack (SaaS that finds niche and keyword based "parasite" sites that can be used to rank quickly and easily in the search engines)

Niche Reaper 3.0 (niche keyword tool)

Blog Defender (WordPress blog security training and tools)

WP Toolkit (Must Have Toolkit for WP Marketers: Over 600 Premium Plugins and Themes - inc. Developers Rights)

WP Web Graphics

WP Cheat (build WordPress sites faster with building blocks)

WP Megapack

Premium Plugin Club

PhotoShop MasterClass

WP Simulator

WP Traffic Tagger

WP Rapid Ranker (rank WordPress sites faster by loading faster)

Essential Marketing Toolkit (with Barry J. Hall)

BlogOptin Pro

Matt Garrett is a WordPress expert and is well known for his high quality Word Press software products in particular and for internet marketing training related mainly to WordPress and SEO.

Matt lives in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England, not far from Wales where he originally hails from.

































































































































































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